Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Soft Tailoring, Elective.

Design board from my Soft Tailoring elective, dress fully lined and featuring a peter pan collar, peplum, waistband and vent. 

Medium used on illustration: collage, gouache paints, pencil, and studio pencils.

Silhouette & Detail

Collection Line-up for my current project, experimenting with shirts while following the theme of the Georgian period crossed with the nineties decade silhouette & detail.   

Mixed media of hand drawing and collage for illustrations.
Illustrator (CAD) for the detailed flats / specification drawings.

I kept with the hair style i tested out previously, moving it forward with more mark making. 

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

History of the Peter Pan Collar

Another Garment detail research board, focusing on the Peter Pan Collar.
Although the Peter Pan collar is on trend at the moment and seen as a vintage style, most people see the collar to be in its prime during the fifties & sixties, while this time line dates back to 1782.

Monday, 26 November 2012

History of the Peplum

As part of my tailoring elective I have to research the design details featured on my garment.
I decided to do it in the format of a timeline, as is easy to read and informative.
The latest garment i could find featuring a peplum dates back to 1596.
The sources include Art History books, Fashion Designers Books, & for the latest trend.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Rabbit Heart Vintage

 This is a lovely little vintage shop just outside of Barnsley's (South Yorkshire)  shopping center. Just feel the need to keep people aware there's more to the towns retail then Primark! You just need to look outside the main street.
They have currently got some beautiful furs in ready for the cold winter mornings, like this 1940's cape.
Take a look at this link below for more info:

Monday, 19 November 2012

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Check this out guys...

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Grab that Trend

I illustrated this to help me practice drawing hands and stenciling.
Media used: - gouache paint, acrylic paint, card layering, fine liner, studio pencils, stenciling, and chalk pastels.

Hairstyle doodles

Been having  a play with different types of hairstyles, this style is my favorite out of the bunch...what do you think? Please ignore the bad / blank faces, like i said its only a doodle.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Just been having a play with hair styles though mark making tonight, after seeing 'Hair Mess' (below) i got really inspired. although am still not sure on what direction to take, so am just trying everything at the moment. Having a go with applying media tomorrow. Might scan them in so you guys can have a nosy, let my tutor give the seal of approval on Monday first though. 

Hair Mess

Just been searching illustrated hair styles to help me find a style for my sketch book work and found this which i personally find amazing. The face has a hint of sally from night mare before Christmas but yet has so much sadness and facial emotion. Then the hair takes over as if the figure is trapped within herself.
Please have a look at the other illustrations:

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Silhoulette and Detail, Part A

1st Project of second year at UCLAN.
This project was all about changing the standard shirt, though the form of moulage (working on the stand), and tearing up numerous old shirts and creating something new and exciting.

Ready-to-wear mens T-shirts, Freshers Clothing, Comment for Details

Little Black dress, Victorian Art Nouveau Inspired

This little black dress is from a 2nd year college project.
with hand made binded straps, hand made lace insert, fully lined, draped sleeves, corset shaped bodice, concealed zip, and gathers.  
The lace (although not clear) is Klimt inspired pattern. and the sleeves are Mucha inspired while the base of the garment is an alternative look to the Victorian lady.
Photographed in Locke Park, Barnsley.

Gotta love CAMDEN MARKETS London

 For anyone who has never been on the Camden markets don't be put off by the London location prices, I gained a lovely summer dress and a edgy pair of bleach splashed leggings for a tenner each! Don't be afraid of bartering the prices down even if if just a few pound its all part of the experience. You don't get unless you ask guys!
The stalls are all random and alternative. Something for everybody. The different areas to looks at are the Stables, main street, lock market, lock village, inverness street, and buck street.
Even if your not bargain hunting the atmosphere and surroundings are amazing plus the food!